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0001112 [In-Portal CMS] Data Management bug report always 2011-08-24 04:19 2011-09-19 16:08
Reporter alex View Status public  
Assigned To alex
Priority normal Resolution fixed  
Status closed      
Summary 0001112: Field options are changed by accident during image (from field) display
Description Each In-Portal's database table field, that allows image upload to be performed is described with a set of upload-specific options in associated database table unit config file.

'Fields' => Array (
    'Logo' => Array (
        'type' => 'string',
        'formatter' => 'kUploadFormatter',
        'upload_dir' => IMAGES_PATH.'manufacturers/',
        'file_types' => '*.jpg;*.gif;*.png', 'files_description' => '!la_hint_ImageFiles!',
        'multiple' => false, 'thumb_format' => 'resize:100x100',
        'max_len' => 255, 'not_null' => 1, 'default' => ''

There is also a rarely used option called "direct_links", that is turned off by default.

When this option:
is turned on, then path to image is shown to user (in url to that image), e.g.
is turned off then path is totally hidden and intermediate In-Portal's event OnViewFile is used to display an image:
So if you don't want to disclose actual location of file, then you'd probably with that option to be turned off (that is by default).

However, when you're trying to use 1 field to display any 2+ images not stored in that field:

$object->SetDBField('Logo', 'image1.jpg');
$url_one = $object->GetField('Logo', 'full_url');

$object->SetDBField('Logo', 'image2.jpg');
$url_two = $object->GetField('Logo', 'full_url');

then $url_one will have link with OnViewFile event, but $url_two will have direct link to an image.

That's a bug, since direct_link option is changed in the middle by mistake.
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