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0001022 [In-Portal CMS] Data Management feature request N/A 2011-03-13 07:21 2012-07-25 05:32
Reporter alex View Status public  
Assigned To alex
Priority normal Resolution fixed  
Status closed      
Summary 0001022: Uploaded file distribution within /system/ folder
Description When file uploads are happening a lot on the site, then all files are stored under same /system/... sub-folder. This doesn't pose any problem to webserver to easily access them, however it makes it near to impossible to manage that files manually. Like view/backup/restore individual files, when there are 2000+ files in one directory.

That's why we are proposing uploaded file distribution engine, that will create sub-folders within target upload folder to store uploaded files. Here are some ideas:

1. Filenames

a. ability to have Prefix (defined in Field declaration (in unit config), default is empty, DATE-TIME which reserved, but can specify any other symbols)

b. ability to have Ending (defined in Field declaration (in unit config), default is DATE-TIME which reserved, but can specify any other symbols)

DATE = 20110131 (2011/01/31)
TIME = 123401 (12:34:01)


- 20110131-123401_my-custom-filename-whatever.jpg
- my-custom-filename-whatever_20110131-123401.jpg

or other combinations

This will give us full flexibility in filenames

2. Folders

Similar here, give 3 options for each upload field:

a. As is now - All files go into single specified folder.

b. Chronological - YEARMONTH / DAY / (adds 2 sub-levels)

c. Hash - as proposed by Alex (adds 2 sub-levels, see "Additional Information" field for function code)

1. Hashed path will be stored along with a filename, since in case of timestamp-based hashing there is no way to determine hash path to a file by it's name.
2. All resized versions will be placed without special structure under /resized/ folder.
3. All code completely/mostly will be located in kUploadFormatter class, so extending that class could give ability to add new storage engine types
Additional Information Hashing function for 2c item:

static function getHashPathForLevel( $name, $levels = 2 ) {
    if ( $levels == 0 ) {
        return '';
    } else {
        $hash = md5( $name );
        $path = '';
        for ( $i = 1; $i <= $levels; $i++ ) {
            $path .= substr( $hash, 0, $i ) . '/';
        return $path;

Unit config field declaration:
'DataFile' => Array (
    'type' => 'string', 'formatter' => 'kUploadFormatter',
    'max_size' => MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE, // in Bytes !
    'file_types' => '*.*',
    'files_description' => '!la_hint_AllFiles!',
    'upload_dir' => '/system/user_files/', // relative to project's home
    'as_image' => false,
    'multiple' => 5, // false or max number of files - will be stored as serialized array of paths
    'direct_links' => true, // use direct file urls or send files through wrapper (requires mod_mime_magic)
    'default' => null,
    'filename_prefix' => 'DATE-TIME-PREFIX-USER', // alpha-numeric symbol or phrase, or reserved words (DATE/TIME/PREFIX/USER) that will be added as a Prefix to filename
    'filename_suffix' => 'DATE-TIME-PREFIX-USER', // alpha-numeric symbol or phrase, or reserved words (DATE/TIME/PREFIX/USER) that will be added as an Ending to filename
    'storage_engine' => STORAGE_ENGINE_NONE (default) or STORAGE_ENGINE_HASH or STORAGE_ENGINE_TIMESTAMP , // option to specify desired storing engine: _blank_, HASH (2 level sub-folder generated from filename hash), TIMESTAMP (2 level sub-folders as yearmonth/day)

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